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Welcome to Skup - The On-Demand Shoveling App We've All Been Waiting For

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

It was November 1st, 2020. I was driving back from a dinner with some friends when lo and behold, beautiful, small, pure white snowflakes started falling out of the sky. I thought it looked beautiful, until it continued to snow, harder and harder.

Snow accumulated on the road in front of me. The snowflakes seemed to grow larger by the second. I could barely see the lines of the lane and where I was supposed to be.


The snowflakes completely filled the open sky, just like the billions of stars fill the galaxy.


They were rapidly flying towards my windshield making it impossible to see. I frantically turned my wipers on and immediately decelerated, in fear of hitting the oncoming traffic only a couple of feet to my left.

I thought to myself, "Really? Our first snowfall only a day after Halloween?"

It seemed like Winter was already here... and I was not looking forward to the inches (and sometimes even feet) of snow I knew I would soon have to shovel almost every day for hours on end... just to get out of my driveway.


If only...if only, there was an app for that.


Well, guess what? Now there is!

As the CEO and Founder of Sküp, I would like to personally welcome each and every one of you, and introduce you to our new life-changing apps!

Who Are We?


We are a new company based in Toronto, Canada (WOOT WOOT) and we are very excited to launch our new apps (yes you read that right, TWO apps) in the very near future!

What Is Skup?


Skup is Canada's On-Demand Shoveling App, So You Never Have to Shovel Again.

What is On-Demand Shoveling?


Good question! On-Demand means that all you have to do to get your driveway clean is to click the button, Request Skuper.

Your driveway will then be listed amongst those of other fellow neighbours and friends who may have also requested a Skuper.

Next, one of our Sküpers (who could very well be a student in your neighbourhood!), will come to your house, shovel your driveway, apply salt (if you want), clean the snow off your car(if you want), wait for your approval as well as for your rating out of 5 stars, and then be on their way to the next driveway!

It doesn't get any easier than that!


Request a Skuper, and let us Skup all that snow off your driveway for you!


Okay I’m interested, but wait a second...what‘s a Sküper?

You’ve heard me throw the word Skuper around quite a few times now, and I’m sure you’re wondering what (or who) in the world that is.

Well, here it is!

Our SECOND app is for you, Skupers!

A Sküper could be anyone looking to make money with no experience required!

If you own a shovel and a smartphone and want to earn some extra money (who doesn’t?), then YOU can become a Sküper and Earn Instantly.

After an easy sign-up process, simply choose the driveway YOU want to shovel based on estimated earnings and distance, shovel it, include any add-ons your customer has requested i.e. salt, car snow removal, and then move onto the next one!


You Choose Where You Work and When You Work.


Keep track of your ratings using our 5-star rating system. Track your daily, weekly, and monthly earnings. Earn even more with tips.


So What Are You Waiting For?


Tell ALL your friends and family about us, and Subscribe Today to our email list so you can be the FIRST to hear when our App is Live!

- From your very own CEO and Founder of Sküp

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